Happiness as Anarchy #86: Sunshine in the morning

North-facing windows are indeed a joy. In the depths of a Ballarat winter, the huge patch of sunshine in my loungeroom is the perfect antidote to the August blues. The warmth of the sun is different from other heat sources, and I find myself drawn to the sunny spots as though they are magnetic. The warm floor on bare feet and sunshine on the skin give me that little kick of Vitamin D that gets me through another few chilly days.



Happiness as Anarchy #47: Winter Sun

This morning my windscreen had a good crust of ice on it, but one of the joys of a frosty morning is the sunny day that follows. I’ve driven an hour south to Camperdown, past sheep grazing in the sunshine as the mist began to rise and the world gradually appeared, clean and crisp. A giant blue sky is muscling its way into the day and by this afternoon the winter sun will be blazing, warming our winter bones. My office this morning is a café on the sunny side of the street with an earl grey tea and comfy chair.