Happiness as Anarchy #193: Rehearsals

Rehearsals are wonderful. Time and space to work things out, experiment and polish. They are also a lovely opportunity to wallow in the sounds and stretch things out in a way that you can’t do in front of an audience. I just had one of the most enjoyable rehearsals I’ve had for a long time, with Geoff for Wednesday’s Tom Waits gig. I just want to keep playing all night, but will have to be content with taking those songs out in a couple of days.

Happiness as Anarchy #190: Writing A Paper

Some writing is a pleasure, like this blog. A little whim that emerges in text as I sit at the keyboard. I can write whatever takes my fancy and I try to stick to one paragraph. Sometimes it’s harder to write something shorter than longer, but I enjoy the crafting. Writing an academic paper is a different thing altogether and always fraught with fears that I won’t succeed. All the more joy, then when I write a paper into existence. Even if it still needs editing, the feeling of success arrives when it becomes structurally complete and contains all the necessary parts.