Les Femmes de Versailles

Discover the secrets and conquests of the extraordinary women of the French court accompanied by J.S.Bach’s French Suite on the grand piano. Amie Brûlée, in full costume, tells the tales of the women of Versailles and plays the piano.

Find out if Marie-Antoinette really said ‘Let them eat cake!”, the origins of Louboutin’s red shoe soles, and how Madame de Pompadour carved her place in affairs of state.

A one-woman, one-piano show.

“Highly entertaining and beautiful, and as a bonus we left feeling like we’d learned a whole lot.”

“The women and men who you introduced us to were largely unknown to us but your words so expertly delivered, had us spellbound. The music was bliss and we felt humbled to be in the presence of such an accomplished musician. We loved it!”

Les Femmes de Versailles DL BMI