Music Workshops

Tailored workshops to suit your event, festival, organisation or group.


Breathing Techniques to Beat Performance Anxiety

Learn to conquer performance anxiety through this workshop on effective breathing techniques. Discover what performance anxiety does to your brain and body, and how controlled breathing can calm your nervous system, increase oxygen flow to the brain, and enhance your overall stage presence. Join us to gain practical skills that will empower you to manage anxiety, boost your confidence, and feel calmer.

Music Gym: How to use your body to make your playing easier 

Delve into the mechanics of playing a musical instrument – how your muscles and bones connect with each other and the instrument – to get the best sound with the least effort. We’ll explore how subtle changes in the way you hold your instrument and move your body can make playing the notes a whole lot easier. Amie will share a bagful of physical tricks she’s collected over the years (including her magic elbow trick) and a bunch of techniques to help you get the most out of your practice time.

Collaborative Songwriting  

Let’s write a song together. Today. Right now. 
Have you ever wondered how a song is written? Or wanted to write a song but didn’t know where to start? In this hands-on workshop, songwriter Amie Brûlée will take you through the songwriting process. We’ll explore the anatomy of a song and creative processes, and in less than an hour we’ll write a song together.

French and Spanish songs

Learn two classic songs from the Spanish and French traditions. The workshop will explore singing in these languages, chord changes, strumming patterns, style and history. 

Arranging: How to make a song interesting

Have you wondered how to make a song sound more interesting than just singing and playing it straight through? This workshop will cover a range of ways to arrange a song. We’ll look at song structure, how to make sparkling introductions and snazzy endings, where to put instrumental breaks, changing the groove to suit your style and adjusting dynamics.

Stage Presentation

This workshop will explore ideas and techniques to develop your stage presence. We’ll look at ways of moving, talking and using the microphone and stage space to be a more charismatic performer. We will also explore techniques to reduce performance anxiety.

Ukulele Strumming

In this workshop we’ll learn how to add stops and space and strumming variation to give your sound more character. We’ll look at different strumming styles including reggae, gyspy jazz, flamenco, and old-time, and open the door to a whole new strumming world.


“Amie’s Music Gym workshop has revolutionised my playing. I had no idea small adjustments could make such a difference.”

Jane H

“I loved learning the French and Spanish songs, especially how to pronounce the words and sing and play so it sounds European.”

Marg J