Happiness as Anarchy #116: Reversing a trailer successfully

Reversing with a trailer on does weird things to even the most engineering driven brain. Working out the logic of articulation whilst doing it is a gargantuan cognitive task (because no-one practices reversing a trailer – you just find yourself needing to do it and realise you haven’t done it for several years and all the requisite knowledge has leaked out your left ear). That special trailer-reversing happy is here this week – I’ve done it the rain, in the dark, and even avoided the path of an oncoming duck.

I think I’ve got a handle on it now


Happiness as Anarchy #114: Australian Political Satire

Humour is such an intrinsic part of culture. You know you’re fluent in another language when you get the jokes. Similarly, there’s a resonance in the humour of your primary culture and language. Australian political satire has a very distinctive flavour, and I love it. Every now and then I’m reminded of how funny and biting it can be, as I was tonight when I saw the Parliamentary Piss Taker. May it make you laugh all the way to the urinal.

Happiness as Anarchy #112: Fried Potatoes

It’s a good day when dinner is a bottle of French pink bubbles accompanied by fried potatoes, so slowly cooked they taste like salted caramel. So soft and delicious they melted in my mouth, perfectly matched with the strawberry notes of the wine. She’s a keeper, my friend Michelle, for much more than her potato frying expertise, but also for that very skill.

Here’s a recipe ( I haven’t tested it, but it looks pretty good)



Happiness as Anarchy #111: Insignificance

One would think that the number 111 (the number of today’s blog) should mean something, You know, all those ones in a row. In numerology it is apparently a message from my inner genius. I’m not really into numerology and I’m yet to meet my inner genius, so I will revel in the simple, repetitive appeal of three little sticks in a row – pleasing to the eye, ear and mouth (try saying it – one, one, one), and entertaining if you think about its homophonic nature (won, won, won).

Image result for 111

Happiness as Anarchy #110: Jacques Loussier

Bach and jazz, I hear you say, what do they have in common? Well, J.S. Bach was the master improviser and innovator when it came to music. Had been around in the 20th century he surely would have been a jazz star, doing all the amazing harmonic and melodic things that make him a genius, but with a swinging beat. French pianist Jacques Loussier took Bach into the modern world in the 1950s – playing jazzed up Bach. It is nothing short of exquisite, not to mention incredibly skilful.




Happiness as Anarchy #108: Dress Up Parties

If there’s one thing I love more than dress ups, it’s dress up parties. This evening’s opening party for Daniel Kneebone‘s ‘Alice-ism‘ (part of the Ballarat International Foto Biennale) was a dress up event, and boy did people dress up! There were queens of hearts, rabbits, mad hatters, and all kinds of other fabulous creations. When one is a costumey kind of person it is so much fun to be with a group of fellow costume lovers. And to top it off I had a lengthy conversation with Marie from Marquis de Sade about costumes, corsets and creativity.

Alice Tea Party Final (APPA Final with logo's) 1200px.jpg

Happiness as Anarchy #107: Pink Blossom

The prunus (the genus of stonefruit trees: plums, peach, cherry, nectarine, apricot and almonds) are in full bloom, bringing a splash of pink the urban landscape. The trees stand proud, offering their display of pinks to the world, with the promise of delicious fruit in summer and autumn. Exactly which fruit the trees will bear remains a mystery until then.