Happiness as Anarchy #136: Tango Class

Tango classes are excellent at the Escuela de Tango Mundial de Buenos Aires. Everyday I arrive for a class with a different teacher and I learn something different, but essential. Sometimes we’re all beginners, and other times – like today – I’m the only beginner. Most of the men are gracious enough to dance with me and teach me something. This is what I learnt today:

Happiness as Anarchy #131: Afternoon tango

An afternoon spent learning to tango, then actually tangoing in a big old room in the centre of Buenos Aires, the home of tango. The old tango orchestras made beautiful music and the old recordings have a little crackle on the edge, which is quite charming. The music is endlessly fascinating, crisp, and full of melancholy, and a total joy to dance to. Some delightful Argentinian gents were kind enough to dance with me, despite my beginner state, and thus I feel I learned a lot. Definitely the best fun I’ve had with $5 in an awfully long time.