Happiness as Anarchy #126: One month holiday

Five weeks off work would make anyone happy, and I’m no exception. An adventure across the Pacific awaits with tango shoes and a foreign language. Sleeping in, dancing late, discovering a new city with its food, culture and songs, meeting people, having time to think, create, wonder and wander. See you Friday, Buenos Aires!  

Happiness as Anarchy #74: Coffee

There’s a part of my heart that is truly Melbournian – the coffee part. I was late to develop a taste for the brown bean, but now I would struggle to live without it. My little machine (the most basic Delonghi) makes me a terrific brew every morning, starting my day with a delicious blend… Continue reading Happiness as Anarchy #74: Coffee

Happiness as Anarchy #44: Clever Design & Coffee

I am always delighted to discover clever design work, especially when it includes coffee. The Telegram Coffee booth is located in the grand and beautifully restored State Buildings in central Perth. I was there late on a Sunday afternoon when the windows were closed, but I enjoyed it as much for what I imagined to… Continue reading Happiness as Anarchy #44: Clever Design & Coffee