Happiness as Anarchy #366: Finishing a project

A year ago I decided to write a daily blog dedicated to things that make me happy. Being a leap year, today – 366 – marks the end. I usually write at the end of the day and it has become a lovely daily habit to find something that makes me smile before slipping into bed. I’ve found it fascinating to watch the process develop – finding photos and ideas and sentences that I like, and to now look back at the hundreds of things that have made me happy over the past year. Thank you for coming along this little journey with me, thank you for reading and commenting, and I hope it’s made you smile on more than one occasion. I will keep writing, but I’m thinking weekly rather than daily. A few ideas are bubbling about what the topic will be and I hope to have decided this week so I can start the new project next week.
Lots of love, Amie xxx

Happiness as Anarchy #195: Paper submission

Sending off the paper, finally, with all the angst of ‘it’s probably still garbage’ and ‘I could do more work on it’, is a liberating feeling. That’s it, nothing more can be done. If it’s rubbish, so be it; if it needs works, the reviewers will tell you; but for the moment there is nothing else to be done. A blessed (if temporary) relief!

Happiness as Anarchy #190: Writing A Paper

Some writing is a pleasure, like this blog. A little whim that emerges in text as I sit at the keyboard. I can write whatever takes my fancy and I try to stick to one paragraph. Sometimes it’s harder to write something shorter than longer, but I enjoy the crafting. Writing an academic paper is a different thing altogether and always fraught with fears that I won’t succeed. All the more joy, then when I write a paper into existence. Even if it still needs editing, the feeling of success arrives when it becomes structurally complete and contains all the necessary parts.